The mining, minerals, and metals industry is more important to our lives than ever, due to a constantly expanding world population that drives soaring demand to fulfill the needs of business and technology despite increased scarcity and regulation.

Field Instruments & Controls offers a robust product portfolio of instrumentation, automation, and valves to fit your demanding processes while ensuring safety and environmental compliance.

We have decades of experience working with local and national mining facilities, providing reliable and trustworthy support for numerous industrial applications. We represent some of the biggest names in Industrial instrumentation to deliver tough and reliable equipment to measure, monitor, and control processes across your facility including level, pressure, flow, temperature, and analytical applications.

We have experienced outside sales engineers across the pacific northwest that can lend a hand on-site to work through your most difficult applications and provide cost-effective solutions to lower your operating costs and improve performance. Contact us today to see how we can help you boost productivity, improve safety, and exceed your expectations.