Utilities such and water, air, natural gas, and steam all play an important role in a multitude of industrial processes. Regardless of what you produce or do, utilities play some part in the overall cost burden of your process.

Whether your business operates a boiler, a waste water treatment facility, or just needs to reduce operating costs through efficient heating control, Field Instruments & Controls offers a plethora of cost-effective instrumentation and automation solutions to optimize your process and improve efficiency.

We represent some of the biggest names in instrumentation and valves to offer cost-effective and reliable equipment for many industrial utility processes. If you need to measure, monitor, or control flow, temperature, pressure, or level applications, we have what you need to do so reliably and cost-effectively.

With decades of industry experience and local support, we aim to be your dependable one-stop-shop for all your utility management needs. Contact us today to see how we can save you money on your utilities and keep your energy systems in compliance.