Pressure measurement is a key variable in countless applications and industrial processes.

Field Instruments & Controls represents some of the finest pressure instruments and control products on the market, including pressure sensors, transmitters, switches and controllers to measure gauge, absolute, and differential pressures.

Pressure instruments are commonly used for level measurement and determining flow rates too, pressure is a versatile process variable that provides innumerable possibilities in the industry. FIC has a highly trained professional team ready to support you in your application engineering and product selection, we will always work to find the most cost-effective and readily available solution for your specific needs.

We offer a wide variety of gauges, sensors, transmitters, switches, controllers, relief valves, solenoids, flow elements (orifice plates, flow conditioners), I/P’s and pneumatic controls to fit the many applications you may have. Call or email us now to see how we can solve your pressure problems today for a more efficient and productive tomorrow.