Level measurement needs are common throughout most industries, any tank or vessel requiring inventory monitoring or level control needs a level measuring device of some kind to prevent over filling or pumps running dry.

Field Instruments & Controls supplies the best continuous level measurement and point level detection equipment on the market from the greatest producers of instrumentation on earth.

We have sensors and transmitters capable of measuring liquids or solids independent of foam or dust, or despite being agitated or emulsified. We have the technology to meet the occasion! Whether to monitor fuel in a tank or keep an inventory of a valuable chemical product, from beverages to bulk solids and everything in-between we have the right level instrument to measure your process accurately and repeatably.

With over 30 years of experience in providing level measurement and controls solutions, you can trust us to deliver the most cost-effective solution in the fastest time available so you can keep your process running and avoid downtime. With a local sales office near you, we service the whole Pacific Northwest and are just a phone call or email away from helping you today with your level application.