Flow measurement & control of liquids and gasses is critically important for a myriad of industries and processes.

At Field Instruments & Controls we represent the pinnacle of industrial flow measurement products and manufacturers. We offer the best and most reliable flowmeters on the market, with accuracy you can trust.

Our broad flow product portfolio and expert experience (over 30 years in service) will take the stress and strain out of your flow measurement purchasing experience. Our application engineers can help guide you through every step of the way in defining your industrial flow process and work to find a custom solution for your specific needs.

With a vast array of flow control elements and metering products at our disposal, we will always have a solution for your application, our manufacturers offer fast product lead times too so you can get your equipment when (or before) you need it. Our flow devices meet and exceed the strictest regulations & safety classifications for sanitary products and applications. With approval options to fit even the most challenging or dangerous processes in your field. No project is too big or problem too small, we can handle anything!

We offer a plethora of flow products, including but not limited to flow sensors, transmitters, switches, control valves and positioners, even flow controllers and management systems. We have an outstanding team of experienced field technicians and engineers who can perform flow meter verifications and calibration services on-site so you can trust your measurements and keep your process running with minimal downtime. Many of our flow products are calibrated at NRTL traceable calibration laboratories prior to shipment ensuring the utmost level of accuracy and trustworthiness. Contact our professional sales engineers today to see how our flow products can provide you with consistent product quality and metering of your industrial processes.